THINKWARE Q1000 QuadHD 2-camera Dash Cam

Dual-camera Dash Cam with 2K Quad HD recording quality. The video recorder has the possibility to remotely control and view cameras via the THINKWARE CONNECTED cloud service, using, for example, a mobile router in the car.

Original price was: €420,00.Current price is: €379,00.

QuadHD Additional backup camera included!

A rear 1440p Quad HD – 2K camera mounted on the rear window lets you record everything that happens behind the car on the road and in the car park.

THINKWARE CONNECTED included in the price

The Dash Cam has the possibility to Remotely manage and view cameras via the THINKWARE CONNECTED cloud service. To do this, you need to connect to the internet via wifi using, for example, a mobile router in your car, set up an access point from your smartphone or park your car in your home wifi coverage area.


You can remotely view your vehicle in both continuous recording mode and parking mode. To watch a live video of your vehicle, click the Live View button in your smartphone app.


Monitor the status of your vehicle to check whether it is parked or on the road. Check your vehicle’s battery voltage and switch off the Dash Cam if the battery voltage is low. You can view your driving history, including data such as date, time, distance, route and driving behaviour.

Quad HD 2K

Unrivalled quality Quad HD 2K 1440p, 30fps and 156º recording.

Parking mode

It also records when it detects movement in the parking lot.


Lane warning system
Collision warning
– Remaining car in motion signal

Recording at night

High recording quality in the dark, both on the road and in parking lots.

Speed cameras

Speed camera/red light camera approach warning

Built-in Wi-Fi

Connect to the video recorder via your smartphone to watch videos and record video files.

Built-in GPS

Allows you to record information about your car’s speed and monitor speed cameras.

Mobile app

Use the Thinkware Cloud app for Android and iOS to manage your Q800 PRO.

Video in real time

Connect to the registrar via and watch the video in real time.


You can create up to 20 geo-zones and receive notifications when you enter or leave them.

Location of the car

See the speed and location of your car on Google Maps.

Push notifications

Receive push notifications on your smartphone when you have an emergency or an incident in the car park.

Detailed Specifications
Camera sensor 5.14 megapixels, Type 1/2.8 pixels
Video QHD (2560 x 1440 @ 30fps)/H.265 /MP4
Viewing Angle About 156° (diagonally)
Memory microSD memory card 32GB
Recording modes Continuous recording, incident recording, manual recording, parking mode)
GPS Built-in GPS
Wi-Fi 2.4G, 5G, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Power supply DC 12 / 24 V
LED indicator Security LED, REC LED, GPS LED, Connection LED